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Hi, I'm Ellias, a freelance web developer

I feel coding is a kind of nowadays's magic.
I love the idea that, using certain words in certain order, I can make things look and work my way.

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About Me

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Hi, I'm Illia aka Ellias, a musician under the daylight, and a web developer when it's nighttime. I started learning web development simply to be able to build my very own DIY website, and eventually fell in love with coding. To me, it is yet another form of modern art, where I can indefinitely create.

My Works

Websites for clients

Musicians website thumbnail

Multipage Website (musician)

(React, React Router)

A dynamic website, based on React and React Router. Done serverless, to be hosted on shared hosting solutions.

Copywriters portfolio website thumbnail

Portfolio Website (copywriter)

(HTML, CSS (Sass), JS)

A static single-page website built with HTML, CSS (SaSS) and vanilla JavaScript.

My Skills

Courses & Certs

Front End Career Path Certificate
Front-End Engineer Career Path
Bootstrap Course Certificate
Bootstrap Course
Sass Course Certificate
Sass Course

I'm particularly strong in: